WOD: 5-31-13

Skill:  Clean and Jerk

WOD L1:  For time:

800M Run
20 Clean (115/75)
400M Run
20 Push Jerk (115/75)
200M Run
10 Clean and Jerk (115/75)

WOD L2:  For time:

800M Run
20 Clean (155/105)
400M Run
20 Push Jerk (155/105)
200M Run
10 Clean and Jerk (155/105)


Let this be the last time we talk about abs…

We have to some degree beating this subject to death without actually talking about it.  We talked anatomy, purpose, mobility, and now it is time to address the issue directly.  What should you do it you are planning on doing post WOD core work…let’s make a list.

Plank hold…See you in three unbroken weight-vested minutes. 

L-Sits…See you in 10 seconds…if you can manage that long.  10 X 1 second holds work just as well.  Feel free to work your way up to an unbroken minute over the next few years. 

Strict Toes to Bar…with your arms straight…and your legs straight.  Get one and then get many.  

Barbell Roll Outs…these may even be too easy.  i

Work on your other plank…The one where you don’t use your legs at all (google planche)

Ring Push Ups…two birds with one stone.

L-Pull Ups…this will feel like thirty birds with one stone.

Hollow Hold / Rock…go for 100 unbroken

Kick Outs…go for 100 unbroken and without crying

Push Ups…you know you love these.

Yeah…nothing really earth shattering.  Getting really, I mean really, good at the basics is what will give you the foundation to excel in the more complex movements.  Furthermore, your abdominals have been in charge of you not collapsing for a long time AKA standing up.  Since you are good at that already, give them the job of stabilizing your legs (L-Sits and such…) and from there you are going to have the absiest abs in the whole abs world.






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